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Updated on May 9th 2019.


Article 1 Organization

  1. JBM Productions, kvk nr. 56609795, registered in The Netherlands, organizes Locaido.
  1. 50% of Locaido’s income is entirely used for purposes of general interest, situated in one of the following areas: culture, social welfare, public health, sport and physical education, humanitarian aid and nature conservation. . Beneficiaries can first receive a contribution from the proceeds of Locaido if they have concluded an agreement with Locaido for this purpose.
  1. The person who participates in Locaido is bound by the provisions of these regulations. These regulations may be changed by Locaido from time to time. The current version of these regulations can be found on www.locaido.com and available free of charge at Locaido on request.
  1. Those who do not wish to receive information from Locaido can inform Locaido in writing or via the internet. After a processing period, the person will no longer be contacted on the data provided.

Article 2 Rules for participation

  1. Participation is open to all natural persons aged 18 and older. Participation is also open to companies.
  1. Participation is excluded for: (a) persons who do not meet the requirements described above, (b) employees of Locaido, (c) anyone who is involved in the game directly or indirectly in an organizational sense, (d) anyone without a valid payment and receipt identification number.
  1. Each participant guarantees that the (personal) data provided is accurate and complete. If a participant has provided incomplete and / or incorrect (personal) data, or does not comply with the conditions, Locaido has the right to exclude the participant from further competition and it can be decided to cancel the right to the prize to be won.
  1. In case of fraud, deception or unlawful influence of the game, Locaido has the right to exclude participants, not to pay prizes or to cancel the right to the prize (afterwards).

Article 3 Gameplay

  1. Locaido assigns a picture of an unknown location to each participant. This location is the same for every participant. Participants must find the location on any digital map on the internet. They get a maximum of 3 days for this. The participant who has found the location, or knows where the location could be, pin a marker on the map (see www.locaido.com/pin-win). After three days, the winner will be announced who has placed his marker closest to the location within the given radius and first.
  1. All markers – placed by participants – that are pinned within a radius of 50 meters around the location of the jackpot are considered “location found”. The participant who, in this case, is the first to place a marker at the location, has won the game.
  1. A payment and receipt identification number will be issued to a Locaido game upon registration [moment of collection]. These identification numbers count as proof of participation and payment to Locaido, unless the debiting of the deposit for a Locaido game has been reversed. If a Locaido game is participated in a different manner than described under article 5 paragraph 1, for example with a free photo, the participant will receive a confirmation in writing (on the photo itself, by normal mail or by e-mail) with an identification number that serves as proof of participation.
  1. Locaido organizes games weekly. Each game lasts a maximum of 3 days and runs from Friday 9:00 AM to Monday 9:00 AM (CET).

Article 4 Play secrecy

The names of participants or prize winners may only be disclosed to a third party or third parties with their express consent. By placing a marker on the map and agreeing to the conditions, the participant gives permission to be named on the website with his / her name as the winner or as a participant.

Article 5 Application, change and termination of participation

  1. If debt collection of the specified bank account number is not possible, Locaido is authorized but not obliged to consider that participation as not being established. The participant will be informed of this in writing (by post or by e-mail) via the data known to Locaido.
  1. In the event of errors and defects, such as printing errors, typographical errors and technical disruptions, as a result of which participation in a Locaido game is not realized or not possible, the person who wanted to participate – at his request or on the initiative of Locaido – will receive the payment he may have paid back and he will be excluded in any Locaido game. Further claims of persons and legal entities against Locaido can not be asserted. Both the participant and Locaido are obliged to inform each other as soon as possible of any errors and deficiencies found.
  1. The participant must ensure that Locaido has the correct name and address details.
  1. A relocation can be communicated in one of the following ways: in writing or via the contact form on the website. Participants receive a confirmation in writing (by post or by e-mail) of a relocation indicated by them. All other changes that do not involve a relocation (eg corrections in the name of the participant or change of the e-mail address) can also be communicated in writing or via the contact form on the website and will take effect in the next possible possibility.
  1. Locaido is entitled to terminate participation entirely or partially unilaterally in any of the following cases, in addition to article 6 paragraph 7:
  • manifestly incompetent on the part of a participant as a result of which the relevant participant fails to terminate his participation himself;
  • improper conduct towards Locaido and / or its employees;
  • (a reasonable suspicion of) abuse or fraud. The participant will be notified of the termination in writing (by post or by e-mail) via the data known to Locaido.

Article 6 Deposit

  1. The costs of one photo – also referred to as deposits – are EUR 3.50 (three euros fifty) or EUR 6.50 (six euros fifty) or EUR 9.50 (nine euros fifty) per game. Your chosen deposit determines the height at which the photo was taken – or how much the participant will be able to see of the location that needs to be found – and the amount you will donate to the participating charity.
  1. The deposit of participants in a Locaido game is debited from the bank account specified by the participant at the time the game takes place. The debit of the participant’s bank account is made on the basis of an authorization issued by the participant to Locaido.
  1. If debiting does not succeed or the debit for a Locaido game has been reversed by the participant or the bank institution of the participant, Locaido is authorized, but not obliged, to make at least one collection attempt for the benefit of that Locaido game.
  1. If debiting, for whatever reason, can not take place, or the debit has been reversed by the participant or by the bank institution, participation in the Locaido game for which this debit was required will be invalid. In that case, the participant is not entitled to payment of any prize won.
  1. If the debit for a Locaido game has been reversed by the participant or the bank institution of the participant, and Locaido is not informed of this in time or the debit for the participation is reversed after the Locaido game by the participant or the banking institution of the participant, the participant is deemed to have participated validly in that Locaido game and the participant remains obliged to pay the deposit to Locaido. In addition, Locaido can charge costs such as collection costs.
  1. In all cases where there is a chargeback after the Locaido game has taken place, the participant remains obliged to pay the deposit to Locaido. Locaido can charge costs such as collection costs.
  1. With each debit, a payment identification number is given. This debit is regarded as a confirmation of participation by Locaido and the bank account statement as a proof of participation – unless the debiting of the deposit for the game in question has been reversed by the participant. If you participate with a free photo, the participant will receive a written confirmation (on the back of the obtained photograph, by post or by e-mail) with the receipt identification number which is valid as proof of participation.
  1. Locaido can accept payment via internet banking. In this case an e-mail with the receipt-identification number is valid as confirmation of the participation and prood of participation.

Article 7 Winning participant

  1. Only photos that are valid and free photos with a valid identification number can be prize-winning.
  1. The winning participant is the first person who entered the location data correctly, completed and sent the registration form. Only when entering the correct location data – in the correct manner on www.locaido.com – the registration form is displayed in order to win the prizes. Only after sending this registration form will a participant will become a winning participant.
  1. Each participant has a maximum of three attempts to enter the correct location data. After three incorrect entries, the participant will automatically be withdrawn from the Locaido game for a certain period of time.

Article 8 Prizes

  1. Participants search for an unknown location and thereby win the cash prize and / or product prizes. The cash prize may be increased during the Locaido game and additional prizes may be added during the game.
  1. Cash prizes are paid by Locaido to the winning participant of a Locaido game. The product prizes are delivered by Locaido or by the sponsors to the participant’s address known to Locaido.

Article 9 Message to participants, payment of prizes

  1. Locaido publishes the location and the associated prizes within a week after the relevant Locaido game, by publishing it on its own website, through its chosen media and e-mail database, [moment of publication].
  1. To the participant who has been determined that the prize has been won by him in accordance with the provisions of these rules, the prize money, unless the provisions of paragraph 4 of this article apply, will be issued two weeks after publication and paid by bank account.
  1. The two weeks referred to in paragraph 3 of this article may be changed by the management of Locaido without further notice into six weeks from the date of the announcement referred to in paragraph 3.
  1. The money prize will be paid to the winning participant by transfering the money to the bank account that was used to make the deposit for the Locaido game or else, if it concerns a free participation, the specified bank account number in the registration form when registering as the winning participant.
  1. Product prizes, if applicable, are delivered to the address known to Locaido. This address is specified by the winning participant in a registration form. If this address proves to be incorrect, no further action will be taken by Locaido. Product prizes are not exchangeable for money unless explicitly indicated.
  1. If there is a reversal of the deposit of a participation by which the prize money and the prizes are won, Locaido reserves the right to not issue the prize money/ prizes won for that Locaido game to the participant in question, reclaim and/ or to still collect the deposit.

Article 10 Claims

  1. Claims about wrongly or not isueing a prize – including issueing a too low prize – must – in writing and substantiated – be in possession of Locaido within one year after the relevant Locaido game has taken place. After one year you can no longer put in a claim.
  1. If the claim is rejected by the management of Locaido and the participant disagrees with this, the participant who has put in a claim has 32 days to choose whether of not he/ she wants the claim to be decided by the competent court.

Article 11 Cancellation and exclusion

The management of Locaido is entitled to postpone or cancel a Locaido game if, in its opinion, a proper course of the game is likely to be endangered. This decision will be published as soon as possible on the homepage, stating the new date of the Locaido game. In the event of the final cancellation of a Locaido game, the deposit paid by the participants will be readopted. as much as possible.

Article 12 Liability

  1. With regard to participants, delays or errors in the automated registration of participation, the removal or loss of completed (electronic) forms, cards, transfers, communications from and to them during the sending thereof by mail, internet or otherwise any liability of Locaido is excluded, as well as for damage caused by punishable acts of third parties, such as theft etc. No liability is accepted by Locaido for damage directly or indirectly caused by circumstances outside the control of Locaido.
  1. Locaido is not liable for any delay or errors in the automated processing of payment orders at the relevant financial or other involved institutions.
  1. Locaido is not liable for errors or negligence of third parties in the delivery and issue of product prizes.
  1. Locaido is not liable for damage to participants caused by not acting in accordance with these regulations.

A new game will start on Friday the 21th of February 2020 9:00 AM (CEST). See you then!

Vrijdag 21 februari 2020 om 9:00 (CEST) start een nieuw spel. Tot dan!

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